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The hairdressing method of different solid wood furniture

Black rosewood
Maintenance and maintenance:
1. In the first two to three years, using the best season in alternating with solid floor wax wax to make a comprehensive maintenance. In use process, furniture will continue to "oil" from inside to outside, there is a very good role of self maintenance, a few years later flush "bag oar" phenomenon, need not again waxing.

2. During the process of cleaning, had better use cloth to wipe, long-term, furniture surface will be more bright, bright and clean. Carving and perforations in the hardwood furniture is more, some local cloth is very difficult to deal with, as long as the shoe brush brush, and brush brown harder the better the results.

3. The vessel is cooler or warmer or objects on the surface of the furniture, will bring about a "white mark" phenomenon, very affect beautiful, this kind of phenomenon than the natural reaction of furniture surface wax, wooden body itself and no injuries. To handle is very simple, as long as with 800 waterproof abrasive paper polishing, waxing can wipe with a cloth.

4. Don't in the position of the sun, rosewood furniture placed too long, furniture surface under the influence of ultraviolet radiation from the sun and fade.

5. To open the window leak, the rain season in air-conditioned room, the temperature must be kept at 15 to 25 degrees, or beside the furniture put the right amount of bonsai, fish tank, the adjustable air relative humidity. Wet air through low hardwood furniture will shrink, too high inflation. Use should pay attention to when putting, don't take it too wet or too dry place, like near the stove heating and other high temperature high fever, or too humid place such as basement, lest produce mildew and weather-shack, etc. The desktop is unfavorable not breathable material like plastic.

6. Rosewood furniture surface to disable the gasoline, acetone and other organic solvent cleaning, in order to avoid and furniture wax on the surface of the chemical reaction.

7. Move should be handled with great care, use, avoid sharp hard object impact, if any dust, greasy, duster are available, and soft cotton cloth wipe clean.

8. Rosewood furniture appropriate damp, avoid dry, not by the sun, don't blow air conditioning to the rosewood furniture.

Maintenance and maintenance:
1, should pay attention to when putting, don't take it too wet or too dry place, like near the stove heating and other high temperature high fever, or too humid place such as basement, lest produce mildew or dry, etc. In long-term direct sunlight big glass window, can make furniture is too dry and fade.

2, if be bungalow low-lying houses, or the floor in the rooms, furniture legs should be appropriate pad high cushion flat, avoid moisture erosion and furniture to deformation in the leg.

3, chicken wing wood furniture surface should avoid friction with hard objects and place too heavy items for a long time, in order to avoid damage on the surface of wood texture, is a gas-permeable soft cloth mat, best placed porcelain vessels, TV, aquarium decorations, etc. Hot water cup, etc. More can't placed directly on the surface of the furniture, or you will not easily remove traces.

4, when transporting or moving furniture to should take put down gently, not inconvenient, so as not to damage the mortise and tenon joint structure. From the table and chairs on both sides should be under the surface. Move the cabinet to put the cupboard door locks, avoid cupboard door flow, and the soft rope into mobile filing cabinets chassis.

5, absolutely don't use wet dishcloth or coarse cloth wipe and chicken wings wood furniture, with a clean, soft and pure cotton cloth, add a few furniture wax, try the wipe gently back and forth along the grain. Rub olive oil, orange oil, walnut oil or real good wood wax is a good choice. Vaseline is certainly not, brush will stick, also be stained with dust.

6, wood with water, air humidity is high furniture swells, low shrinkage, crack, even it is the norm in any kind of real wood material is inevitable. Chicken wings wood will in case the weather gets good natural glue to restore the original appearance, almost look not to come out, good, of course, if can adjust the indoor humidity can be avoided!

African chrysanthemum pear, namely the African hedgehog rosewood, commonly known as the "African chrysanthemum pear"

Maintenance and maintenance:
First of all, the most important "brush", is clean is a very simple one action, but this also is to have cultured. We need to clean with soft dry cloth or palm tiger rub, after this past can neither leave traces limpid yellow pear wood and color; Second is the "cover", that is, the furniture cover with a cloth.

Gold camphor
Maintenance and maintenance:
Maintains the hub to see whether the material of the new and old, old materials and maintenance is very simple, as long as it is a new material (moisture content is very high) maintenance should be careful. Simple distinction: old roots outside the vicissitudes of life, the new material in epidermis, more smooth, material looks relatively new tender. Old material maintenance as long as pay attention to don't put the tea table is too dry, too drafty place, generally not other subject. Now the focus about new material maintenance methods: should put a moldy, new material tea table contains a large number of moisture, if cannot volatilize, about 20 degrees in a suitable temperature, humidity is around 70%, moldy very easily, bit by bit dark look bad point, method, use 240 # sandpaper, the sides and bottom of the table with sandpaper, dropped the oil film damage, let air dry tea table, again a don't put the tea table is too humid place. Pay attention not to destroy the desktop paint.

Second crack. New material commonly encountered wood moisture evaporate faster, will crack. This usually flush easily in both cases: one is the northeast of central heating in the winter, the second is the national summer leaves air conditioning, the humidity in the air at this time will be from about 50%, royalty - down to 20%, at this time the root tea table for wood moisture volatilizes quickly and easy craze. If want to open air conditioning, must be have more space to place a humidifier or tea table of green plants. If found to have cracks, with 502 glue drops in the crevice in time, if have the premise, from the manufacturer to get some wood powder filled in the gap, then drops 502 glue.


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