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The advantages and disadvantages of pure solid wood furniture

Pure solid wood furniture
1, natural environmental protection
Pure solid wood furniture is the oldest types of furniture, now the classic furniture of brand of a few large and original furniture are used completely real wood, such as armani, high and PiaoFeng hall, etc.

The popularity of pure solid wood furniture catered to people to return to nature of psychology, its original, make a lot of people can't give up.

2, the advantages of both
Plate wood combination furniture should be with the most advantages in solid wood furniture of furniture, it save the wood, and reduce the cost. The most important is that it maximize solved the Achilles' heel of pure real wood furniture is easy to deformation, and the flexibility of board type furniture, can be said to be both the pure solid wood furniture and the strengths of board type furniture, and avoid their shortcomings.

Solid wood furniture shortcomings

1, your charming body
Pure solid wood furniture for the high requirement of technology and material, its most lethal defect is the change of moisture content makes it changeful form, from material selection, drying, flat-fell seam is very strict. When use also have many requirements, cannot let sunshine illuminate for instance, cannot super-cooling or overheat, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture. If you didn't pay attention when using, even qualified solid wood furniture Product sometimes happen out of shape, craze. In addition, solid wood furniture components, usually USES the tenon structure and adhesives products generally can't remove, is not very convenient to move.

2, don't pity is expensive
Although the advantages of both the pure solid wood furniture and panel furniture, but there are also many congenital deficiency. Less than a colorful board type furniture, for example, pure solid wood furniture pity is expensive, worthy of preservation.

Surface of furniture and there is a difference in the first two kinds of solid wood furniture, but in fact, compared with the former two kinds of solid wood furniture, solid wood veneered furniture base material the lowest cost of material, so the price should be the most cheap relatively. Solid wood veneered furniture lines is the most beautiful, is also more simple fashion design, in solid wood furniture, is the most valuable products.

3, most process
Solid wood veneered furniture is the most exquisite craft, if you don't fine craft, stick a face very casually or blister or even fall off. When consumer is buying furniture, be sure to ask in detail, and then see stick wood veneer


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