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Solid wood furniture, need careful maintenance in winter

The choose and buy of furniture is important, furniture maintenance is also indispensable. Solid wood furniture because of its simplicity natural texture and people's love, and their maintenance also has its own special requirements. While you enjoy it bring you comfortable feeling, don't forget to their own "personality", for its maintenance.

To this end, the author particularly looking for some winter solid wood furniture maintenance tips, for your reference.

Solid wood furniture is the most taboo is wet. Such as indoor flood tide, the appropriate use of thin plastic separates furniture from the ground contact area, at the same time keep furniture parts against the wall with wall gap of 0.5 cm ~ 1 cm distance, make the moisture easily.

Each family will bring some warm winter "weapons", sometimes to near the heat source, is imperceptible to the heater to the real wood furniture. Little imagine, these furniture is how fear of high temperature. Long time high temperature baking, easy dryness and deformation in the wood, paint film appeared regional metamorphism. Is the most appropriate approach, the furniture is put in the heater 1 metres away from place, can not only keep warm, can make furniture from being damaged.

Since winter, sunny day is the most happy time, many families believe should open the window and let the sun into the house, let furniture to enjoy at home. But, the sunshine outdoor to furniture whole or partial basked for a long time, easy to cause the furniture surface paint, thus cause damage to the wood. Therefore, the of the wooden furniture can best place, away from sunlight came in with a transparent gauze curtain or direct sunlight.

People love to eat hot pot in winter, hot a place on the table, all the cold seemed to be dispelled. But under repeatedly to having solid wood table. Overheating of the food, tableware, can let the wood surface lose luster. And roughness of bowl, also easy to cause deformation of solid wood dining table structure, surface damage.

Many families because of the good quality of a material of real wood and ignore the importance of paint damage, resulting in solid wood worm or deformation. Suggest that we should always keep the furniture clean at ordinary times, every once in a while, with twist dry wet cotton silk to nook and cranny of dust furniture carefully wipe clean, with a clean dry soft cotton cloth wipe dry. Of course, the best is after wipe dry wax coated with a thin layer of high quality light, gently wipe out the burnish like clean leather, not only to maintain the solid wood furniture, also increased its light. But you should be careful to choose light wax, must not use inferior products containing chemical composition.

When real wood furniture surface dust on the do not wipe besmirch, you may choose to use stimulative big agent for washing, experts say, such a no-no. Such as alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvent not only can not remove the stain, it will bring originally smooth furniture surface fatal damage. Such as furniture surface besmirch, never tried hard to clean, can use warm tea remove stain gently, wait until after the water evaporation on the original parts with a little light wax, then lightly wiping a few times to form a protective film is ok.

Be called wooden furniture in the high-end solid wood furniture, if accidentally scratched or struggling, so it is a shame. This time, each family during cleaning, you must pay attention to make clean tool touch the furniture, at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture. If have a child in the home, will QianDingNing than charged, often family seriously damaged furniture, is the children's "masterpiece".


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