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Solid wood furniture production technology and process

In today's advocacy of healthy environmental protection, the advantage of solid wood furniture get fully embody. Solid wood furniture has unparalleled board type furniture healthy environmental protection performance, in fact, in other words, whether to meet the panel board cannot rival with solid wood. But, solid wood furniture has a formidable faults, is the production cycle and production process of irreplaceable cannot be omitted and the high cost of production. Then what on earth is a solid wood furniture production process, let's meet typical solid wood furniture production process:

Material process:
1, material selection, feeding and transport;
2, bench plane take straight side, then the band saw open on board;
3, open board background plane straightening (two sides;
4, plane are all fine with pressure;
5, calculate the size of the mortise and tenon joint, crossed;
6, with mortise and tenon joint machine or manual tenon and mortise.

The production process:
1, according to the size of the drawings for cutting;
2, install the combination framework;
After 3, the basic shape, modified with accurate size;
4, to make such as drawer, door (ditto) material process;
5, installation of various kinds of accessories, such as hinge, drawer rail, etc., need to adjust many times;
6, the installation process is modified to fit;
7, the overall installation is complete;
8, removed parts, for the paint.

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