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Three ways to care solid wood furniture paint Let furniture beautiful and long life

Solid wood furniture paint, apply to the surface of furniture, refers to the strong adhesion, protective, decorative and special properties of the solid coating, and the coating layer, solid wood furniture paint once destroyed, not only affect beautiful, and further influence the internal structure of wood products.

If you want to buy solid wood furniture, or already in the use of solid wood furniture, might as well learn how to care of solid wood furniture paint, furniture that can let you so beautiful and long life.

Daily cleaning
Solid wood furniture is need to carefully manage the daily clean, it is soft cotton cloth clean dishcloth need, general furniture surface dust with dry dishcloth wiped gently can, if necessary, can be used to dry the wet dishcloth cleansing, but must use dry cloth to wipe it again as soon as possible, especially for a long time not to wet rag lien in furniture surface, in order to avoid moisture infiltration of wood.

Such as stained smear is too heavy, can use furniture special cleaner, to smear to dry clean. And folk soapy water, detergent, etc. Not only can not effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the furniture, but also has a certain corrosive, will damage the surface of furniture, make furniture surface become bleak.

Away from the heat source
Solid wood furniture wood drying shrinkage when they are heated, easy deformation, the dry, so the furniture placement needs to avoid direct sunlight, away from fire and heat source such as radiator, and more importantly, the heat insulation of daily use. Furniture paint damage caused by improper daily use heat insulation of the case is not rare, such as with the glass of water are placed desktop and could lead to paint is damaged, if the cup is plastic the damage will be more serious, so need to prepare related insulation pad in the home.

Avoid by all means use other soft glass shop is on the table surface, because in the long run soft glass and paint will react together, should choose toughened glass or glass. But even with toughened glass, also need to pay attention to heat insulation, because of the heat transfer of toughened glass is?

Blow hard hit
Solid wood furniture paint when handling the most easy to knock the sag and cracks, so when handling solid wood furniture, application of pearl cotton and foam to protect every part, then packing in wooden frame, so that we can slow down the impact of fixed to reduce the shaking and avoid collisions.

And solid wood furniture paint scratch usually appeared in the daily use, caused by metal or other sharp object, so try to avoid these goods direct contact with the surface of the furniture, in the cleaning maintenance, also do not use hard cleaning tools, such as texture coarse dishcloth or steel wire ball, etc.

After repair
Paint is damaged, can be divided into mild and severe two kinds, mild refers to the paint damaged, not touch wood lacquer, this kind of situation general furniture beautician can be mended; Refers to the serious injury and lacquer wood, this need to contact the original to after-sale repair, leads to the deterioration of the damage so as to avoid improper repair without authorization.

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